About Nick Fitzherbert

Nick Fitzherbert is a Presentation Skills Coach who works mainly with senior executives in large companies, helping anyone who needs to address an audience, in any situation from the boardroom to the conference hall and beyond. He is also closely associated with a number of universities and industry organisations and some of his work is through leadership communication company Aziz Corporate.

Nick’s role as Communication Strategist is central to his belief that Construction is every bit as important to a presentation as Delivery. He therefore draws on his background in PR to assist clients with writing and editing their presentations, and his reputation for Creativity is often called upon for ideas to make the presentations memorable.

While his main focus in on Presentation Skills, Nick retains his links with the world of PR as a trainer for the industry body the PRCA, through which he also played a key role in setting up the sector’s official Apprenticeship scheme.

While based in London, Nick travels regularly to wherever he is needed. In his spare time he enjoys music, media, movies and magic.

The Back Story

Nick spent 20 years in PR consultancy before entering the training field. Working for leading consultancies and running his own top-100 firm for seven years, he operated in sectors including drinks, media, travel and the public sector. He specialised in positioning his clients as the ‘leading voice’ within their sector and also developed a reputation for strategic development and creative thinking.

Nick’s specific interest in Presentation Skills has its roots in his early years as a mobile DJ, which gave him a head start when it came to delivering and overseeing business presentations as he moved into PR. It was when he subsequently developed an interest in magic that Nick began to identify a new approach with potential to boost impact and memorability.

The more he learned about magic, the more Nick realised that many of the psychological principles for directing attention, persuading and convincing that lie behind the tricks could be equally effective in real life. He found he was using techniques in his work that he had learned within the world of magic. Eventually Nick became a member of the world’s most prestigious magic society, The Magic Circle. This enabled him to mix with some of the finest magical minds and to use the extensive library facilities to further research what he was identifying as the ‘Rules of Magic’ that he would build into his training and his first book  Presentation Magic

Published by Marshall Cavendish, the book has been translated into six additional languages - Complex Chinese, Simple Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese and German. While the English print version has now sold out, it is still available in Kindle version.

Nick's media appearances have included The Sunday TimesThe Guardian, Business Life, Management Today, CorpComms, TV with Adrian Chiles and Radio with both Chris Evans and Jeremy Vine.