Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Apple on the right communication track holding back on iPhone 5

Most of us have yet to see just how the presentation style of the top Apple executives stood up in the absence of their legendary founder, but I believe the decision to announce an iPhone 4S rather that a '5' will prove to be the right communications move in the long run.

Apple fans get very (over) excited about new product announcements so they were bleating about the absence of a 5 model before the conference had even finished, by which time the share price had fallen by 3.6 per cent.  One leading newspaper must have been feeling a little foolish as its rolling live coverage concluded under an 'IPhone 5 launch' banner.

Everyone should calm down and look at it this way.  Apple announced some very significant enhancements to the inner workings of the world's best mobile phone which is barely a year old.  It just wouldn't be right to be seen to be effectively junking it and moving on to something else.  Apple is now the world's most valuable company; it has re-invented the phone; it's in this for the long haul.  It should not be doing things just to please the crowd pushing at the front.  And what if they had made these announcements and badged it iPhone 5?  I bet the bleaters would be saying "Is that it"?

From a long term communications point of view Apple have made absolutely the right move.  I look forward to buying an iPhone 4S, but actually my 3GS continues to perform so well that somehow it seems wrong.

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