Friday, 21 December 2012

12 days of Christmas - the final day!

In the run up to Christmas 2012 I take great pleasure in sharing with friends, colleagues and contacts a selection of fine magic tricks and Christmas cracker jokes that have the groan control turned up to at least 11. 

Psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman MIMC (Member of the Inner Magic Circle) says that jokes have to be bad jokes because it is impossible to tell a joke that will appeal to all age groups within the family; with bad jokes, however, it becomes a case of ‘us against the joke’, so it unites everyone.  So if it has to be bad jokes, you might as well go for the best bad jokes available – which are all available for the legendary Tommy Cooper.  Finally, a tip: Jokes from the Cooper canon do not have to be told or read in a Tommy Cooper voice, but it often helps!

A trick from a member of The Magic Circle and a joke from Tommy Cooper will be posted here every day in the run up to the Christmas break, so keep coming back and have a terrific festive break.


Day 12 - Hans Klok – with an abundance of Las Vegas-style illusions

This is the sort of thing for which you normally have to go Las Vegas, but this year Hans Klok brought his show to London and visited us at The Magic Circle on his night off.

As he seeks to break a record for the number of illusions performed in a fixed time, there is almost too much magic going on to take it all in. 

Have a very happy Christmas!

I said to the waiter: "This chicken 
I've got is cold". 

He said: "I should think so. It's been dead for two weeks". 

"Not only that", I said, "It's got one leg shorter than the other". 

He said: "What do you want to do, eat it 
or dance with it?" 

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